Evergreen Cemetery Pioneer Pollinator Garden

 For the last several years I have tended  my own pollinator garden(s) at home. I've slowly added sections of my yard that are now home to numerous species of bees, butterflys and hummingbirds. 

This year we decided that the "forgotten" area of Evergreen Cemetery aka Pauper's field deserves a new lease on life.

Instead of forgotten and untended this section in the far south east corner of the cemetery, the final resting place to over 1200 souls is breathing new life as 

The Evergreen Cemetery Pioneer's Pollinator Garden.

This June, my friend Brenda and I had seeded the entire section over two very wet June Saturday mornings. Over $500 of Colorado Native Wildflower seeds were sown amongst the wild grasses, cactus, sage and milkweed  already growing.

The area looked untended as the grasses and native plants grew several feet due to our very wet June, however, bees and other pollinators discovered this new banquet table. 

The plants went to seed, which is why they were not cut until late this fall. Next spring and summer, as the seeds take hold we will be blessed with a beautiful wild flower garden to honor our area's pioneers who lie at rest in one of the prettiest areas of the cemetery.

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