Wreaths For Evergreen!

Evergreen Heritage has honored our nation's military heritage for over 20 years. These events include historic walking tours, presentations and our annual Memorial Day Commemoration.

 In 2017, Evergreen Heritage introduced Wreaths Across America a community event honoring our veterans and first responders.

The fundraising aspect of the Wreaths Across America program is equally significant. Five dollars from each wreath purchased goes back to the nonprofit that sells the wreaths. In the past, several individual groups have raised substantial amounts for their specific causes, without any financial benefit for Evergreen Cemetery.

It's vital to understand that even though both cemeteries are city owned and operated, there is no city funding available for restoration projects. These cemeteries are enterprises, meaning they must be self-sufficient. To put this into perspective, other enterprises in Colorado Springs, such as the Pikes Peak Highway and Patty Jewitt Golf Course, have recurring revenue streams, which the cemetery lacks.

To undertake our restoration projects successfully, we need the financial support of our community through participation in our fundraising events. Our handful of dedicated volunteers cannot achieve this goal on our own; we need the entire community to join us in preserving our history.

Starting in December 2023, funding from wreaths purchased through Evergreen Cemetery Benevolent Society (Evergreen Heritage) will mark the beginning of the financial journey toward restoring the Evergreen Chapel. Our goal is to secure the necessary funds to commence the restoration within the next two years as we embark on the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Colorado Statehood and the 250th Anniversary of the United States.

We warmly invite you to join us in supporting Evergreen Heritage/Evergreen Cemetery Benevolent Society, an organization that serves our entire community and strives to honor the memory of those who have served our nation. Your support is crucial in helping us achieve our mission.

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