Cleaning Headstones At Fairview Cemetery

We are all sickened at the recent vandalism at Fairview Cemetery. The newer stones, although a heartbreak to the family can easily be cleaned with proper techniques by a monument company. The older, softer headstones may prove a different story as the paint will permeate the stone, and the paint may never be completely removed. We all have a need to make this right but please understand private individuals should not go out on their own and do any work in the cemetery without contacting the cemetery office.

The headstones and monuments at both Evergreen and Fairview Cemeteries are the property of the family. Please do not clean or repair any headstones without the permission of the family,  Evergreen Cemetery or Evergreen Heritage.

Conservators working with Evergreen Heritage are trained in proper cleaning and repair methods. If you attempt to clean or repair a headstone without permission, you may be held liable for any damage caused to the headstone.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering to clean or if you would like to know the proper  techniques to clean your family headstones