Bring History To Life at Evergreen Cemetery

For almost 20 years residents at Evergreen Cemetery come to life for our Annual Walking Tour. We are recruiting volunteers to join and expand our "cast of characters" for 2019.



Evergreen Heritage Supports Restoration Projects at Evergreen and Fairview Cemeteries
If you have ever toiled with the idea of joining Evergreen Heritage and bringing to life one of the historic characters who now lay at rest in Evergreen Cemetery, you will be excited to know of the new project we are offering this summer.

This January, Evergreen Heritage will start recruiting volunteers to join our current cast of historic residents.  You too can learn to bring to life residents from Evergreen and Fairview Cemeteries. Your participation will allow us to create additional historic tours in addition to our Annual walking tour. With your help, we can keep our amazing history alive.

Those who are interested will submit their choice of historic person to our committee. Each applicant will conduct their own research and develop a 10-minute presentation. We will assist with research suggestions and costuming to help you create the most authentic portrayal as possible. For those who truly wish to dig deep into research, a class will be offered at a minimal cost to help guide you through the process and teach you the process of the actual performance.

In late spring, you will present your character to the committee. The committee will give you feedback so that you are ready to present for any tours that occur from late spring into early summer.

We look forward to working with you as you help others to remember our history. It is you who will bring history to life at Evergreen Cemetery and honor those who help us make us who we are.


If being a performer is not for you, but you still wish to volunteer, we will also be recruiting for Tour Guides.  You will offer guided group tours through Evergreen Cemetery, and possibly Fairview Cemetery. Evergreen Heritage will provide you with an overall history of the cemetery and will create a tour route. We will also provide information on historic residents and monuments.

Guide docents will share this knowledge of Evergreen Cemetery to our summer visitors. We will be promoting these private tours during the summer and hope you will assist us in volunteering as a tour guide.

Please submit your choice of historic character no later than March 15th.

Looking forward to this new program for 2019!

Thank you
Dianne Hartshorn, Director