Eiko Otake I invited myself collaboration with Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

 You can’t really come to the cemetery and not think about death or the people who have died. We know more about living. But we all die. I thought that performing was my practice of dying. But the practice of dying is not dying. We learn about death by attending to other people’s dying. But we also learn about death by missing the dead. —Eiko Otake

In July, we hosted a unique Evergreen Cemetery. It was a true honor to showcase Eiko Otake and her captivating performance, "With The Dead," on the evening of July 8th.
Traditionally, our events revolve around historic reenactments. So when a globally renowned artist like Eiko expressed interest in bringing her performance to our historic cemetery, it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up!
Teaming up with the Fine Arts Center, an institution with strong ties to Evergreen Cemetery through many of its founding members resting in our grounds (a topic for another day), added an extra layer of significance of this community collaboration.
Eiko Otake, known for her artistic interpretation of death and the deceased, has traversed the globe, showcasing her unique perspective. The event not only introduced us to this remarkable artist but also provided an opportunity to open our doors—both literally and figuratively. Students and faculty from Colorado College, along with members of the Fine Arts Center, joined in on the presentation, for many marking their inaugural visit to our serene cemetery.

A personal highlight of the evening was the chance to meet and converse with Harry Weil of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. Green-Wood is renowned for embracing the rural cemetery movement that gained popularity in the mid-1880s. As Green-Wood is undoubtedly a "bucket list" cemetery, sharing the beauty and history of Evergreen Cemetery with Harry was, for me, the pinnacle of the evening.
I dance thinking about the recent dead, and the dead from the past centuries, including many whose graves were never built. —Eiko Otake

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