A Rose by any other Name---

Did you know that Evergreen Cemetery once boasted the title of the World's Largest Rose Garden? From the early 1900s to the 1960s, thousands of roses adorned the cemetery's grounds, creating a breathtaking display for visiting families. Trellises adorned with blooming roses welcomed visitors, but over time, as families moved on or passed away, the next generation didn't continue the legacy.

By the 1970s, the once-magnificent rose garden faced challenges—unruly roses and trellises that posed hazards to maintenance crews. In an effort to address these issues, over 800 trellises were removed, leaving only a handful of roses. Interestingly, many of these remaining roses are classified as old growth roses (OGR) or heirloom roses, known for their rich fragrances and large, beautiful blooms. The term "old growth roses" specifically refers to roses that predate 1867!

Enter Bill and Anita Eickley, vital partners of the Pikes Peak Rose Society, who are now dedicated to preserving the few historic roses that remain. Their commitment is evident in projects like the Never Forget Garden at the front office and the new Garden of Memories situated between the Evergreen Chapel and the Evergreen Heritage office.

An annual highlight is the Rose Sale sponsored by The Pikes Peak Rose Society at Evergreen Chapel every May. To ensure you don't miss this event in 2024, be sure to sign up for updates and news. It's a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and support the preservation of Evergreen Cemetery's unique and historic rose heritage.

Did you notice our  National Register of Historic Places boulder has a new home!

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