Stopping to Smell The Roses

 I  love nothing more than taking  time to stroll through the cemetery.  Taking the time to stroll through the blocks themselves will allow you to discover little known treasures  you may not have noticed simply driving through or staying on the main roads.

However this treasure was not hidden at all.

The Dough Boy statue in Evergreen Cemetery is situated  along the main road and located in front of the historic chapel. Needless to say is it very noticeable.

 At the foot of the statue is a vase with what are now dried flowers, since they have been sitting there since December.

Visitors to the cemetery oftentimes place flowers and such on graves whether they are family or not. I didn't pay much attention to this as I figured it was someone  placing the flowers for no particular reason.

As I was walking past, I stopped, turned back around and decided to just see what this vase was about.

There was a note attached.

So next time you are at the cemetery, allow yourself to wander and take time to find those little hidden treasures.

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