Evergreen Cemetery Clean Up-November 1-November 15th 2015

Cemeteries to Clean Up November 1 - 15

Colorado Springs’ two City-operated cemeteries will conduct their tri-annual clean-up November 1 – 15.
Prior to this two-week period families and friends are encouraged to remove from gravesites and headstones any items they wish to save. The November clean-up is the time when Halloween decorations and other holiday items are removed from the cemetery, along with tarnished, unsightly, sun-bleached or damaged containers or flowers.
Typically, the cemeteries allow artificial flowers in vases or attached to stones to remain, but occasionally they are removed inadvertently, according to Jody Sanchez -Skamarak, Interim sexton.  Artificial flowers must be in urns attached to the monument or plastic vases.  The cemetery will not allow any glass and pottery.  Their placement must not hinder mowing or other cemetery maintenance.
Although some regular visitors to the cemeteries dislike the clean-up, it is the management’s responsibility to keep the grounds free of clutter and prohibited items.  The sexton advises visitors to remove any items of value prior to the clean-up.
As stated in published cemetery regulations, prohibited items include baskets, boxes, shells, toys, crockery, glassware, cans and potted plants.  Hanging objects including pots, artificial flowers and wreaths are also prohibited.
For more information, call Evergreen Cemetery, 1005 Hancock Expressway, at
385-6251 or Fairview Cemetery, 1000 26th St., at 385-6251.

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