Taphophile Tuesday: The lovely Becquet family.

Taphophile Tuesday:
 The lovely Becquet family. 

John and Aglaé were both born in France and married in May of 1886, when Aglaé was just 16 years old. They worked in a "Millinery Shop" that belonged to Aglae's parents there. After a fire destroyed the shop in 1889, they emigrated with her parents, to America. They first settled in Illinois, where John received his naturalization status (see photo.) Because of John's failing health due to working in the coal mines there, they moved on to Colorado Springs for a higher, clean climate. While living here, a friend of the family who ran the ANTLERS HOTEL kitchen and dining room took Aglaé under his wing, teaching her everything he knew about hotel dining room management and French culinary. John and Aglaé had 3 sons: John Jr, Norbert, and Louis. They lived at 1020 West Colorado Avenue, this home was built in 1897. (see photo)
Around 1908, John and Aglaé moved to Garden City, Kansas where John worked as a grounds landscape gardener and Aglaé managed the culinary department of Garden City's Hotel Stone. She had a smart business sense and was remembered as a very kind and loving woman. She died just a few years later in 1916 at the age of 46, from an "intestinal obstruction" (see attached obituary) Even though she died in Kansas, we can only speculate that she viewed Colorado as her home and asked for her body to be buried here.
Their first born son, John Jr. married in 1911 (I've attached his wedding photo to this post due to its adorableness 😊) They're first child, George died at age 9 months of pneumonia in 1917, just months after his grandmother Aglaé and is buried next to her. John Jr. and his wife then moved to Garden City to be close to family.
John Sr. continued living in Kansas until his death in 1940 (age 74.) He had his funeral there in Kansas in the morning and his body was sent to our Evergreen Cemetery that afternoon to be buried next to his sweet wife.
They ended up having a large family with many grandchildren, however only John Sr., Aglaé and grandbaby George are buried here. They are in block E, with a lovely obelisk. ❤️ This is just part of one family's story and their adventurous spirit to leave their homeland in the hopes of finding a bigger and better dream to live
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